America’s Beer Renaissance: Consumer Choice and Variety in the U.S. Beer Market

We love our town… don’t you?
So many things happen as a community, you watch your friends succeed and fail on a level that you could never understand as a younger person. Growing older—through rumor and conjecture—you learn about them, all their faults and horrible bits. Sometimes you really don’t even want to, but it happens.

That is the wonderful thing about beer. There’s no thinking about it. When a beer fits your region, your county, your city—it just fits. There’s not really a way to put it into words that can do it a proper justice. Maybe it’s the water, or the way it finishes perfectly as a stout. Possibly it’s the the way smoke nestles itself just right among the grains that make up a porter you weren’t expecting to take your breath away. In the end, your personal experience will make up all the difference for any sort of bottom line you may have already concluded.

But to conclude is already your demise. If you were to venture that there was a beer which it’s flavors were so great, so profound, there was no other to taste from this day forward, we would fear that you were gravely mistaken. Strongly believing among the entire Renaissance any new combination of grains, hops, and yeast done a different way could potentially blow your mind.

We do not profess to be the one to bring upon you this new flavor, or some era of brewing as a Renaissance does seem to be the harbinger of… We only wish to proclaim that it is a noble endeavor for each and every brewer that does exist today to try and blow that mind. Such is not an easy feat among a cynical world.

Our hope as a brewery, is that all people can unite behind the fact, that simpler times are now upon us. Words about any subject were not as easy to find as a few keystrokes on Wikipedia years ago. Words about what you taste and know to be true are on your tongue, and the last pint that you consumed.

Now more than ever is a time when you have a choice as to what beer you will drink. No longer do the domestics own the market. In that case we stand tall and proud with you all, whichever local pint you hold in your hand, and hope that the future of beer shall hold a place for us all, and together we will change the face of American beer.

Duvall WA Brewery