Surprise! – Meet “Bos Bruut™, Belgian Strong”

As a surprise addition to our opening tomorrow, we will also be tapping our, “Bos Bruut, Belgian Strong Ale.™” It has an ABV of 10.5% and will be sure to leave a strong impression. There’s only a limited supply however, so come early if you want to give it a try.

Here’s the description –
“Bos Bruut translates to ‘Forest Monster’ in English. Strange calls and movement have been seen and heard surrounding the Duvall Springs Brewery. We needed a strong Belgian to quell our fears as we brewed late into the night. Enjoy this Belgian, and you too may soon forget the things that go bump in the night.”

Check Out Our New Logo!

Take a peek at our new logo! We have T-shirts and caps coming soon, so everyone can be showing off their Duvall Springs Brewing pride. Also if you stop by the Duvall Grill on July 21st, we should have some stickers for you.